Saving Money by Moving on a Budget

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Moving can be a significant endeavor that results in a lot of time, energy, and money being spent. Although you may be on a budget, you can still have a pleasant moving experience. The following tips will help you save money while moving and work within your budget.

Money can be saved, and stress can be avoided when you plan ahead of your move. A lot of energy goes into moving from one location to another, and without proper planning, you’ll only spend more money than necessary. One of the best ways to start with planning is by using an online checklist. Online moving checklists are free and can help you organize your moving plans before the big day. You can plan everything down to the finest details to make sure that the moving day goes smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to throw away things when it’s time to move. Perhaps you’re holding on to some items that may have sentimental value. Maybe you’re saving something that reminds you of a person or an experience, or perhaps you have a lot of meaningless junk that has overstayed its welcome. The move is the perfect time to go through all of your items and decide what is necessary for you to have and what can be thrown out. If you get rid of necessary items during the planning phase, then you’ll have fewer items to transport during the move, resulting in less money spent on fuel and rental time for a moving vehicle, and less money spent paying people to help you move boxes.

The most affordable option for moving would be to move everything yourself, as you won’t have to pay anyone, or at best, you’ll only have to pay some friends or family members a far lower rate than you would a moving company. If this isn’t an option, shopping around when relocating will help you save on moving costs and get the best value. Prices offered by moving companies can change depending on the market and other circumstances. Doing a simple web search can give you price listing for companies, and you can contact each one to get free quotes and consultations. Some taxes may apply when moving across state lines, which the moving companies will mention.

Boxes may be necessary for moving, but you don’t have to spend money on them. Boxes can become costly, especially if you pay for ones that are provided by a moving company. It’s easy to find boxes for free in many places. Offices have lots of boxes that they are willing to get rid of, and you can even find some around your workplace. Your coworkers, family, and friends may also have some boxes that they can give you. If these sources run dry, you can ask around on social media, or also order some from the USPS website for free.

Summertime is the preferred moving season for many because there’s no ice or snow, and lighter clothes can be worn. Because of this, moving companies generally charge more during the summer. People with flexible schedules can benefit by moving during the offseason because moving companies will offer deals to attract more customers and will be more open to negotiating lower rates. You’ll also be able to get lower rates in apartments because landlords have more difficulty getting new tenants in cold weather. A lower moving rate coupled with lower rent is a double win in savings.

Moving will cost some money, even if you do it all yourself, and there are different ways to pay for it. There’s the tried and true method of saving money from your regular income for the move, but you may not have the time for that. Depending on the circumstances of your move, there is a possibility that the company you work for will pay for some of the costs of moving. Borrowing money for a move isn’t the best option, but if it must be done, a credit card with 0% or close introductory bonus can help in covering the costs while keeping down the amount that must be paid back. You can also ask friends and family, and they’ll usually charge much less for their services, or may not charge you at all.

You’ll have to transfer utilities when you move, and you’ll save money when you do it with perfect timing. If you aren’t going to be in using the utilities for a while, there’s no point in paying for them. Before moving, learn how much you still owe on utilities by getting meter readings. If you can stay with friends and family while packing, you’ll be able to shut off the utilities even sooner than expected. Let utility companies know about your moving date so they can have them ready for your arrival.

Moving on a budget will allow you to save money and make things better for yourself. Even just one of these tips will result in measurable savings during a move.

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